My name is Vadim Schetinkin, great russian guy. Birth date - 26/10/72.
Slim, 188 cm tall, browneyed, nonsmoker, nondrinker, openminded, wise, atheistic, optimistic, romantic, sense of humor is absent ... (you see it's joke!).
Interests: Software, Music, sports, girls and other.
Location: Russia, Bashkortostan, Ufa.

What the hell does that guy want? you can ask.

I. He wants to promote yourself. He tired to be unknown.
II. He wants to find friends via Internet. I have not many indeed.
III. Also he wants to work on interesting projects cooperatevly via Internet. That's great opprtunity to work virtually together!

That's the answer why he made this web-page.

What else?
I like smart, sexy and slim girls. (You see all qualities are starting with 'S', what can it means?).
Big eyes and bust are welcomed :).
Dear girls, feel free to send me e-mail or contact me (closeness is adjustable :)! ).